CBMC 2nd Covid Relief Distribution.

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Dear friends of CBMC,

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh
We hope each of you is safe and healthy.

Here are pictures of our 2nd distribution of food items to the impacted poor of Bangladesh.
Thanks to our trusted partner Mr. Abu Taher the following distribution of 320 family emergency relief packages has occurred recently.

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Distribution was in 2 phases –
Phase 1 – 100 beneficiary families
Phase 2 – 220 beneficiary families

Locations included –
a) Green Road
b) Khatal Baghan
c) Rayer bazar
2. Lalbagh.
3.Zatra Bari
4.Shahid Nagar.
7.Islam Bagh
9.Mugda Kampalapur

Distributed Items in each package –
1.Rice 5kg @46.00=230.00
2.Pules _1kg.@100.00=100.00
3.Oil_ 1liter @110.00=110.00
4.Wheat 2kg @ 35.00 =70.00
5.Salt 1kg @ 32.00 =33.00
6.Potato 1kg@ 25.00=25.00
7.Soap 1PC @32.00 ==32.00
8.Bag 1 PC @20.00=20.00
Total cost per person :BDT:619.00
Total Beneficiary 220 people’s.
Total cost BDT :136180.00
Total received BDT.140826.38
The amount left is BDT 3646.00 paid to carrying cost and for some volunteer.

Name of volunteers worked in this project –

1.Md.Abu Taher
2.Moul. Azizul Haque
3.Riyed Hossain
4.Muhammad Sajjad khan
6.SM Shamim Hasan
7.Ismail Hossain Mahmud
8.Md.Jakir Hossain Mamun
9.Shamsum Naher
10.Ershadul Haque Dulal

The only challenge was to ensure social distancing and over crowding, therefore distribution was in small groups of twenty people.

In sha Allah with your generous support we will be able to send more funds to Dhaka and help more families in these very difficult times.

Anyone requiring assistance can contact ottawacbmc@gmail.com or via Facebook messenger fromĀ https://www.facebook.com/CBMCOttawa/
Anyone wishing to make donations can send e-transfer to the following executive committee members –
Sohel Ahmed – sohel411@gmail.com
Tarek Ali – tarek.ali@gmail.com
Please indicate your preferred donation – Bangladesh or Canada or open, zakat or sadaqa.
Please also provide your email address and phone number in a separate email to the donation recipient.

We shall keep you posted on specific details and outcomes of our programs as we move forward. In the meantime, stay safe. All the best.

Yours sincerely,

Executive Committee
Canada Bangladesh Muslim Community

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